Beautiful buildings, or the functionality of the interior? Our yachts have both!

Creating an interesting interior yacht requires considerable expertise. Selection of materials, arranged in accordance with the suggestion of a costumer and a good design and construction creates tasteful yet and functional interior. During installation we pay attention to even the smallest details, we use different types of wood, and the experience that makes every room is a unique work of art boatbuilding. The quality of materials, techniques, anchorages, and the techniques used in chemical bonding is also not without significance in the case of yachts, both exposed to high stress, as well as the specific influence of the conditions faced by craft. Interiors built in our company ensure long, trouble-free users also in the toughest marine conditions.
Meeting Professional machine can reproduce the most sophisticated designs. Experience in installation of any yacht installation, heating, electronics and upholstered finishes is our added advantage - we can expertly advise and execute a coherent buildings in harmony with all elements of additional equipment.

Your vision, plus our experience in order to create interesting and ergonomic interior!