Teak - wood from a sailing tradition!

The usefulness of teak wood that people knew as early as prehistoric times - it was done mainly vessels, used for the manufacture of doors and windows, which had to be extremely resistant to moisture. After this day with teak decks getting yachts and boats finish. Not only does not absorb moisture and is resistant to rot and mold, but also does not accept pollution, and therefore easy to keep them clean. Products of teak have a very stable parameters of shrinkage and swelling - once stabilized, persist for a very long time.
All the advantages of teak wood deck argue over the rooftops of the yacht is for this type of wood. Teak deck is a natural non-slip coating, it is warm, durable, and does not accept pollution is also decorative, creating a unique atmosphere and prestige of the individual. Carefully and professionally made teak deck can withstand many years in the toughest conditions and easy to maintain.

Our teak decks is durability and quality to the smallest detail!